Mordau was the same as he ever was.

Smug, a bit wily, and thin as a rail. His hair was midlength, his fur noticeably short.

The fact that he didn't seem to have changed much was annoying.

It did help a bit that Mordau seemed noticeably ruffled by his change in appearance, at least. There was a certain sort of conceit to making it known that he had changed.

... Though he still wasn't sure how, exactly, or whether it was a change that was good for him.

There was an awkward tension in the air as they stared each other down, William and the other DASS officials filing in after him.

" I have a personal matter to discuss with... Lyena," Mordau said at length.

" And General Scott Masterson has it that your actions here are to be monitored by DASS officials," William cut in cheerfully, before Nova had a chance to speak.

" Lyena, could you relate to your handlers that this is not necessarily anything political? That there will be no sensitive matters of that nature discussed?" Mordau requested, avoiding any direct reply.

Nova huffed, sighing deeply.

" Let them have their minds set at ease, then," He said. " If it's nothing sensitive, then why would you mind so much if another listens in?"

Mordau pressed his lips together into a thin line.

" It concerns that Lyewa who's with you," he replied shortly. " And it is not a matter for those outside his family."

A silence.

" What business do you have with Lyewa-Prima?"

" It's about his family," Mordau repeated, voice lowered, with a slightly conspiratory tone

Nova folded his arms, setting back.

" General Masterson, I understand that you would like for this conversation to be monitored, but since it's a personal matter concerning Lyewa, I would like to request at least some manner of privacy," he said shortly.

" I'm afraid that-"

" Would it be acceptable for one of our junior staff members to monitor the conversation, with both the General and I out of the room?" William cut in with his own suggestion; the General Masterson paused and gave him a sidelong glance. " If it really is anything of concern to us, then it will be reported back. And if not, those with influence at DASS won't have to know."

" Is there anyone you would trust with such sensitive information?" Mordau asked.

A moment.

" Commodore General, I would ask that you choose someone, and then the General approve," Nova requested.

" Ah, that simple? I nominate Cadet Kada, then. Do you have any objections, General?"

He looked over to him with a smile.

General Masterson evaluated his intentions for a moment, borderline glowering.

" General Masterson?" Ygard prompted.

" I'll accept this," he said shortly. " With the condition that she report any suspicious information to me before the Commodore General, following the proper chain of command."