A knock on the door.

" Oh, Kada? What's wrong? You've never come by this late before."

" I... I have something I want to talk about with you," she said.

" Come in."

The door closing behind her.

" Prima, can I confess something to you?" she asked.

He sat back down on his bed.

" Yeah, of course."

She sat next to him.

" In truth, my family was landed nobility in Thera," she said. " They're all still loyal to the Empire on Sturm. I was the only one who defected to the DASS."

" Ah, really?"

She bunched up the fabric of her skirt in her hands.

" I hated Lyena-Nova. I really, really hated Lyena-Nova. He was losing the war on purpose because he didn't believe in it. He didn't believe in anything. He never tried to stop my family or any of the other nobles from exploiting Thera and using it as a personal slush fund. I was angry that the Commodore General let him on the ship. I wanted to fight him! I wanted to yell at him! I couldn't understand why anyone would ever show any kindness to Lyena-Nova. Even though I wasn't loyal to Sturm anymore, even though I think that losing the war was the right thing to do, I could only think to myself that he did it just because it was the easiest thing to do. Because the Lyena that let all the corruption set in was a Lyena who was morally corrupt. Lyena was everything wrong with the nobility, everything I didn't want to be."

" Ah... Well... I don't know much about that kind of stuff," Prima commented mildly, taken offguard by the conviction of her words.

" But I... I don't know what to do now that I know that I was wrong," Kada said with a cry. " Why did Lyena... have to turn out to be a good person?"

" Ah, Kada..."