" Arjun had white hair," Nova said, looking at the spill of the Milky Way through his window. " They say the gods gave it to him."

Mordau sat next to him.

" I never took you for the religious type, Nova," he said with surprise.

" I'm an atheist," Nova replied shortly. " I was just thinking about something that Ifrit talked about before."

" Oh, that's right. I bet that's why he dyed his hair, isn't it?"

" Probably. I was wondering if Arjun did, as well. Or if he really had white hair at all. There's no factual record of it. It has been five thousand years, after all."

" People like to romanticize the past."

" Mordau..."

" Hm?"

" We're moving out to Intera tomorrow, aren't we? I've been trying to avoid combatting DASS."

" Are you nervous?"

" I dislike it. Ifrit only fought because Queen Mother and his nation compelled him to. I don't have any reason to continue the fight."

" ... And yet you must."