" For that reason, the Mycologica and its fleet are to be permanently destroyed," Ygard said, handing over a file.

" I see. It was jettisoned almost seventy years ago... Not even scrappers have picked it up by this time? There really must be something wrong," William flicked through the papers.

" Though I'm the one handing it down, you'll need to report to General Eyre about which ships you'll be sending for the operation," Ygard continued.

" The chain of command has seemed a little restless lately," William commented. " They've been bouncing me around to everyone but Dawson."

" They're probably trying to keep you away from sectors adjacent to the Starka," Ygard replied. " Someone up there is still suspicious of the cats."

" And you?"

" It doesn't concern Ferni, so I'll keep myself to my own business."

" Haaa, so even my allies think I'm up to something... This is frustrating," he murmured, eyes scanning over a classified section of the document.