At that time-

He had returned home from Shian, and was sitting alone in the room that used to be Ifrit's.

Ifrit's books sat on the shelf, and Ifrit's clothes hung in the closet. Ifrit's hairbrush was sat on the desk.

It was all immaculate, not a single speck of dust.

There was a knock on the door.

" Identify yourself," Nova called out.

" It's me," a familiar voice answered. " I've brought your belongings."

Rather than relaxing, he found himself tense.

...Kaama opened the door, bringing in his things.

" ... Why've you returned?" he asked.

It had been nearly five years since he'd seen him. His hair was no longer partially covering his face, but tied back neatly.

" Redlin wants to duel me," Nova answered shortly, watching him.

... It annoyed him significantly that Kaama was still attractive. It was unfair.

" I see. This is your first duel since you defeated Diurn, isn't it."

" Of course it is," Nova said. " I've been away."