Stalking down the hallway.

" You almost killed him," Kaama said. " Why didn't you stop yourself?"

The accusatory tone; the blood soaked into his clothes; the blood in the hallway. It all made him sick.

" If I did not, he would simply challenge me again," Nova replied. " I have shown him his place."

Kaama gave him a horrified look.

" What is wrong with you, Nova? This isn't like you!"

Door opening.

" How do you know what is and isn't like me?" Nova spat.

The sound of running water.

" Because we spent our childhood together," Kaama entreated.

" We are not children anymore," Nova said.

" Despite everything, I would like to believe that you are still you," Kaama said, voice tight. " That that damnable man didn't ruin you."

" ... If you're going to speak ill of the dead, you can get out of my sight."

Nova settled into the bath.