Picking up ribbons and paper streamers. Sweeping up glitter and confetti.

" Hey, William?"

" Yes? What is it? Did you have fun?"

He sat his chin on the broom and looked over expectantly.

For a moment, words didn't leave his mouth; he tried to speak, and they caught in his throat, choking him.

" ...Prima?" William tipped his head, looking a little confused.

" I... I'm... None of it... Nothing feels real," he managed to say, voice shaky. " Do I... Have the right to be so happy? I... I can't understand why everyone... is so kind to me. I lay awake at night, and I can't sleep... Everything just feels like a dream, and it's beautiful, and I don't want it to end."

William stared at him.

" I... Please don't let anyone know I was crying," Prima requested smally, wiping tears from his face. They continued to well up.

" Of course," William responded.