Sitting in their father's office.

It had been a long time since William had actually been in there.

Kirie was bunched up in on herself, arms crossed, legs folded, looking away from Robert with a sour expression.

" Do you understand how serious this is? You assaulted a teacher. He had to go to the hospital," Commodore General Honda said, cold anger radiating off of him in waves.

There was a moment of silence.

" I'm sick of it," Kirie snapped. " I'm sick of people hurting William and I couldn't take that anymore! What was I supposed to do?! He looked so scared, Dad! You would've done the same thing-!"

" Regardless of what I would do, you are the one with a mark on your record!" He said, slamming his fist on the table. " This isn't just about your reputation, it is about your future- both of your futures! Do you understand the ramifications of this, Kirie? I'm doing everything I can to keep you from being expelled!"

" If you're not there to defend William, I have to! It always falls to me! You expect me to do everything for myself and I can't stand it! What else was I supposed to do, Dad!? What else was I supposed to do!? William is my family too!"

... And that was how Kirie Honda was removed from the academy's advanced courses.