... As he dressed, he felt a prickle of discomfort.

Mordau had said he looked like he was falling apart, like he was in disarray.

It was true that he had trouble sleeping, but he had always had trouble sleeping, even on Rasha.

He had been wearing more casual clothes more recently as well. They were more comfortable. Perhaps he should've worn something more formal, then, when they spoke, but he had thought that Mordau would not mind it.

And the roots of his hair and fur had grown out a bit, but he had decided already to cut it when he needed to and go back to his natural hair color. It just had to grow out more. He did not dislike his blonde, as impetuous and petty a decision it had been when he dyed it.

Still, looking in the mirror...

He contemplated the cut of his kita for a moment longer, unhappy. It was for summer, casual, with an open back.

Too casual, he decided.

He had to make at least some small effort to be recognized as an authority figure.

He changed clothes.