First Officer Sivira was a Lycidian, though they had not grown up on what might properly be called the Lycidian homeworld, rather on one of DASS's military bases in sector 5.

They had been around on the Theologica for a long time, and before even that, had served under William when he was a captain and later a special provisionary commander; though in those days William had not seen much of them.

Despite being graceful, and apparently somewhat popular with the lower staff, their presence was an understated one.

William had always made an effort to study Sivira's mannerisms and preferences, and thought he had a fairly firm grasp on their personality.

" Commodore General, I'd like to speak with you."

" Of course. Is something the matter?"

He looked up from his desk, work in hand, as Sivira entered.

" It's concerning your relationship with the Starka's Lyena."

A pause.

" Is there a concern, Officer?" William asked, blinking in surprise.

" Commodore General... I had always judged you to be of sound mind and reason, but recently... I have had to question that," they said.

William stared at them, taken aback.

" Are you trying to make an enemy of Sector 05?" they asked, rather bluntly.

" Eh? Of course not. Why would I?" William asked in return.

Sivira sighed deeply.

" I do not doubt you. However, our higher-ups seem to have read the situation incorrectly," they replied. " They do not understand one crucial thing. You are stupid."

" Eh?" William smiled dumbly at them, a little taken aback.

" You don't have any dreams or ambition of your own, William. I have been around you long enough to understand that," Sivira said. " You go after the enemy when you are directed to, and you don't think of anything else. You don't want power or celebrity or political strength. You want to remain in a comfortable position where you can live following orders and without major inconvenience. Those in Sector 05 do not understand that, because it is not necessarily the way people normally think."

" But I am a person," William protested.

" Then what do you dream of?"