" Man, they've been in there forever, huh," Prima observed neutrally, typing rapidly. Probably texting a girlfriend, or something.

" I'm going to-"

As Nova went to knock on the door, it slid open.

" Ahahaha, this is great! This is- Oh, Nova, you're just in time, follow me, follow me-"

William power walked out, a frankly concerning smile on his face, with the first officer trailing not far behind.

" Commodore General, I'm not sure it's a situation you should personally-"

" It's personnel retrieval, Sivira, I need to confirm it for myself- now go work on getting CA-5 decon set up in the secondary port, and I need hazardous materials storage clearance-"

Sivira let out a rattling hiss, an apparent sigh.

" As you wish, Commodore General," they said.

William tugged somewhat impatiently on Nova's sleeve, dragging him along.

" Ohhhh, Nova, oh, Nova, I'm going to pull a little trick of my own," he said, with a sort of sparkling ferocity.

" And what's that?" Nova asked, somewhat unimpressed as he trailed after him.

" I'm going to get some career security," he said, without providing any further explanation.