" Ohhhh, Nova," William sighed, slumping down into bed as Nova listened to loud, incomprehensible music. " Ohhhhhh, Nova."

" You were gone for a long time," Nova said after a moment. " I... ended up getting worried about you."

" How sweet," William said, clutching his pillow.

" Kirie wouldn't tell me anything about it, so..." Nova said.

" It's not anything you should worry about," William responded.

Nova got up and came over to him.

" Wille," he intoned softly as he leaned over the bed.

" Mm?"

" Are you really alright?" he asked.

William smiled, tired, and turned away slightly.

" I'm..." He was lost in his words for a moment. " I'm mostly just... not sure how to deal with other people. I... don't know what my own feelings are. I... think I don't want to know."