On Noahl, the capital planet of Sector 40, they were met with an official from Sector 05.

The Parlian was thin and seemingly built all of angles; she was a General. Accompanying her was a human, evidently a secretary.

She outstretched her too-thin hand, clammy when William grasped it.

" Commodore General Masterson," she greeted stiffly.

" And I take it that you're General Eyre?" he asked.

" Yes," she returned.

" Quite gracious of you to travel out this far to meet with us," William observed.

" I had prior business here," she stated.

" With Sector 40?" he asked.

" It's not so unusual as to comment upon, is it?" she inquired in turn.

" I suppose not," he acquiesced.

" If you'll turn over the certificate of vaporization for the Mycologica in a timely fashion, we'll be out of your way within the next few days," she said.

" I'll have Sivira send it over to you at once," William said.

" I trust you found no problems with the operation, then?" she asked.

" I am quite adept at handling difficult situations," he answered.

" That's good to hear," she replied.

There was a slight stalemate, before her secretary spoke.

" General Eyre, our dinner reservation is in an hour. Shouldn't we head back to the hotel?" they asked.

" Yes, Isotope, we should," Eyre answered.

She bowed.

" I'll be seeing you, then," she said to William, and the pair left shortly thereafter.