" How long will it take them to get here?"

" Kaama said about another two weeks."

" That's not very long, considering."

" Sector 40 and Diurn are only really so many sectors apart in writing. Realistically, Noahl and Raltel are about as far apart as Sturm and Drang. The border's just drawn on there. There's more distance between here and Thrace, for instance, even though it's technically in sector 29."

" I thought it was in 30?"

" It is, but under a special provisionary clause. It's complicated."

Prima sighed and leaned back.

" It is complicated," he said, sounding defeated.

" Anyway, you're the best with girls, so you're going to be her guide to the ship," William said, switching topics.

" What?! Isn't this the complete opposite of your usual rationale?!" Prima asked, animated.

" No matter who I ask to guide her around, she'll end up in your fan club anyways, so I may as well skip the extra steps," William said, sounding just as defeated, if not moreso. " Give her a chance to get disillusioned with you before the fan club posters pique her curiosity."

" Th- There aren't posters!"

" There's a poster for the table tennis tourney in rec room #09."

" But that's just so that people will know when we're using the room...!"

" It's practically a recruitment flier. Oh, it's sickening."

" Quit teasing me!"

" No."

" It is funny," a different voice cut in. Nova had entered the room during their conversation.

" Oh, Nova. I'm surprised you're up so early," William said.

" Redlin and Ulgir invited us to lunch," Nova said.

" Do we really have to go?" William complained.

" Well, I can always go by myself," Nova said.

" Let me change into nicer clothes," William said, standing up quickly.