“ Lyewa-Diurn currently represents the conservative faction. Lyewa-Vivan and Lorhe-Irdat have control of the palatial affairs. Redlin and Levitt are the leaders of the progressive movement,” Hannan said, her monotone voice echoing through the empty hall as they walked. “ Lorn is a moderate.”

“ …What about Lyena?” Nova asked, trailing behind her, uncomfortable.

“ The former Lyena wasn’t very popular, and had few supporters outside of the military,” Hannan responded, somewhat coldly. “ You were his only ally in the palace. He received a decent amount of financial and logistical support from the Central Cascurdarn, but the head priestess would not publicly address him because of the church’s stance on his use of death row inmates.”

Nova was quiet for a long time.

“It would be best if you continued to focus on military growth,” Hannan advised. “ The public opinion is essentially meaningless in the face of Lorn’s mandated draft, and with former Lyena’s allowances gone, draft dodgers are being punished much more severely. Ever since your… dismissal of the prior forces, we’ve been severely shortstaffed. Diurn and Laman have been able to keep our defenses stable, but the fleet needs to be in complete working order again, soon-”

“ What about Bellam?” Nova asked her.

“ Radn-Bellam?” Hannan repeated back at him.

“ What stances does Bellam ally himself with? What is he doing in the war effort currently?” Nova elaborated.

Hannan typed in the pass for the bridge’s door, not speaking for a moment.

It slid open.

“ Radn-Bellam is currently working with Diurn on both political issues, and the defense,” she said. “ Since he’s the head of military affairs. After your coming of age, he returned to helming the 2nd fleet in order to make up for the loss of expertise and personnel.”

“ Oh,” Nova said, sitting down.

“ Why the interest?” Hannan asked. “ It’s not often that you ask after other people.”

She said this with a rather sardonic tone and a smirk, as though mocking his loneliness.

“ …Bellam is… my father,” Nova spoke after a moment. “ I… want to be able to work with him in the future. As we have not… had much to do with each other.”

The way she was looking down on him felt stifling.