" I'm just saying, when you're lyewa, we should take trips out of the palace," Kaama said, rolling a laundry bin down the hall as Nova followed him. " I know where all the cool stuff is in town. We won't have to sneak around, I can be your uh, palatial escort, or something."

" How do you know where all the cool stuff is? You've only been of age for like, a couple weeks," Nova pointed out to him.

" Six months," Kaama corrected defensively. " That's plenty of time to learn about stuff."

A door opened, and Ifrit crossed the hall in front of them.

" Ifrit," Nova called out for him, without thinking, stepping ahead while Kaama froze in place.

... He didn't turn around. He didn't look.

... So it really was such an awful thing he'd done, that Ifrit would hate him forever.