He woke up in the morning alone.

His com had notifications stacked onto notifications, and was trying to alert him that he'd missed a call, but he ignored it.

His room still felt empty and grey. Nova's had so much stuff crammed into it; it looked palatial.

He stared up at the ceiling for a while, debating whether or not to get up. An actual call started coming through on his com. He sighed deeply and rubbed the sleep from his eyes before picking it up.

" Why the early call, babe?" he could feel how dry his throat was; his voice was crackly and catching on a lack of spit.

He heard someone cough awkwardly on the other end of the call.

" Well, Prima, I was calling to remind you that you're meant to be helping Noctis around the facilities," William politely informed him.

He internally raged at his half-awake state.

" Yeah, yes, uh, I'll. Be up and ready. Give me a minute," he said, forcing himself to get up.

It could always be worse, he supposed. At least he was getting to go hang out with a girl.