" Here's the cafeteria," Prima said, motioning out. " They're finishing up breakfast service right now, and they have lunch and dinner, too. Those are the standard DASS mealtimes. Do you want to get anything to eat?"

" I ate with my aunt," Noctis said.

The rest of the tour was much the same.

She seemed a little bit interested in the ship library, at least.

As they walked about the leisure wing, she spoke when he was able to point out the pool.

" The Commodore General said he'd provide me with research material," she said. " Where is the laboratory located at?"

" Oh, it's in the administrative section," he said. " We're not very far away."

" That's good," she observed. " I'm getting winded. This is too much walking for me."

He looked her over again. It was true that she did seem out of shape, and when he thought about it for a second, she probably wasn't used to walking in the low heels that administrative women's uniforms had.

She pursed her lips into a thin line.

" Well? Are we going or not?" she asked, interrupting his line of thought.

" Y- yeah," he said. " Sorry, I got lost in thought for a second."