" It's messy, the Commodore General is still getting everything in order," Prima said, turning on the lights. " The construction crew's due in at 11 DASS Standard, 27 Noahl-03."

" This is fine," she said, immediately and briskly beginning to walk the room, surveying it. " They're going to be building in a max level biohazard containment zone? There's already coolant pumping equipment set up for a Kalvinate Negation chamber as well. The workspace is small. Two or three assistants would be fine, but I prefer to be by myself. Will you ask the Commodore General about the DASS Protocols for storage of live cultures? We don't seem set up for it..."

She had stepped out of the heels, and was crouched down on the ground, looking through the slapdash of half-finished mechanical junk as though it was a comprehensible construct to her.

Prima stared kind of dumbly at her, not really understanding what the hell she was talking about.

" Uh. Yeah. I can ask about that," he said, already not remembering what he was meant to be asking about.

" Do you just say, yes yes yes, every time someone asks you to do something? You're standing around like an idiot with no idea what I'm talking about," she said, not looking back at him as she reach down into the floor and began messing with the wiring going into some weird box thing.

" Uh."

" Leave if you're not going to be of any use to me," she said pointedly.