TFIAAM Content Warnings

A couple of people have asked me to include a list of content warning for tfiaam, which is completely reasonable, but I have struggled with how to write these things out in a comprehensible way that is both 1)relatively spoiler-free and 2)not read as an endorsement of things I am warning for. I want to make it very clear that despite their inclusion in the text of the story, it is only in a deeply critical and 'hey this is fundamentally unhealthy and bad for you' context. My attitude is condemnative. Anyway. Here's a list of things. Stay safe.

List of Heavy/Potentially Triggering Content in TFIAAM

  • Several instances of graphic violence (incl. near decapitation and broken bones)
  • Explicit gun violence
  • Graphic body horror
  • Description of implied suicide
  • Transphobia/Homophobia
  • Familial abuse (both emotional and physical)
  • Discussion and extended descriptions of emotional abuse
  • Depiction and extended discussion of war & war crimes
  • Discussion of one-sided incestuous feelings
  • Heavy focus on PTSD & PTSD symptoms
  • Explicit descriptions of a terrorist attack
  • Descriptions of sex & masturbation
  • Non-explicit references to sexual assault
  • Brief discussion of pornography
  • Light drug use

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