It snowed for the first time that winter.

Henry stared at it for a long time as it fell.

He dreamt about the final fight more often than not.

About that fleeting, insignificant thing called justice.

He was thinking about it.

He left the estate, and walked down to the east of town, and up Mulbright Hill.

He sat down next to the old oak tree at the top.

" I miss you, Legacia," he said.

There was no response.

" It's been a long time, but I miss you every day," he said.

There was no response.

" My wife is having a baby," he said. " I get to pick the name if it's a girl. I was thinking about naming her after you. You were the reason we met, after all. I wouldn't have ever gone on my quest if not for you."

He fell asleep under the tree.