He followed the carriage on horseback, at a distance, after graciously wishing his master goodbye.

There was something eerie about the magelight that glowed faintly from within, set against the encroaching dusk.

... None of this felt right. None of it felt good.

He'd already been on his journey, and settled down, and had started living a life of peace with the family he loved, in the country he loved.

But it felt too real to be a dream.

He was afraid to go home to his old house, where his mother would be waiting. He couldn't see her again. If he did, that would make it real.

After a long ways, quiet, he saw something dart out of the brush towards his master's carriage, so he spurred the horse forward with a cry, and drew his sword.

It was one of the necromancer's puppets- a ragged corpse, stitched together and blank eyed, moving faster than a human body normally could. He heaved forward and swung his blade to it, striking it off balance.

It was not long before more of them appeared.

If he had run into this swarm when he was really only nineteen, it would've overwhelmed him. No wonder it had taken his master by surprise.

But he was not nineteen. He was in his thirties. He had defeated the necromancer, and the demon lord.

He easily cut through the swarm, tightly reining his increasingly nervous horse. It wouldn't do to have her injured or spooked.

Therefore, he did what was best to do; he stood, slung his leg over, and jumped from his horse to the carriage, catching the rail tightly. His body was not as used to these sorts of maneuvers as his mind.

He heard faint talking from inside, and the door then opened. His master was armored, and holding his sword.

" Henry! What in the heavens is going on!?" the old man asked.

" No time to explain," Henry said. " There's a necromancer trying to kill you!"

" Good heavens!" the man exclaimed. " I suppose we'll have to do something about it, won't we?"

" I would think so, Master!"

" Aura, kick up the speed of the carriage," the old man called out to the mage driving. She nodded, concentrating, tension knit into her brow.

" It's time I show you what this old man is capable of," he said, resolve glinting in his eyes.

Henry did not much care for learning any secret techniques or ultimate moves. For him, it was enough to fight with his master again.