When he went to practice his swordsmanship, Aislin was just finishing up in the training courtyard.

He sheathed his sword, and turned to Henry.

His hair was frazzled, and stuck to his face with sweat. His breath misted in the winter air.

" You should put a coat on," Henry said. " You'll catch cold."

" Oh, Henry," Aislin said. " Are you going to practice?"

" Yes. I see you've just finished?" Henry asked.

" Mm. I'm still terrible with a sword, though," he said.

" Do you want to come back out and practice with me?"

" Yes, that'd be nice," Aislin answered. He went to go back out.

Henry caught his shoulder.

" Let's rest for a moment," he said.

He saw Aislin's sword hand move, then lower back to his side.

" Mm. You're right."