They came back to the Order to bad news; Ornstein's condition had worsened once more. The chapel priest was with him in this room, along with the doctors and Aislin.

Henry rushed to see him.

He caught Aislin walking down the hall.

" I heard Master Ornstein's getting worse," Henry said.

" He had a bad fit, but it passed some hours ago," Aislin said. He looked tired. " I've just now left to come meet you at the gate."

" Isn't there anything you can do?" Henry asked.

' There's nothing I can do that a doctor can't," Aislin said. " ... That's just the reality of it, Henry."

He stepped a little closer, like he was afraid to be overheard.

" Even if I could... My magic won't strengthen for another few years, when my horns come in," he said quietly, close to Henry's ear. " I'm as weak as any normal human mage."

He stepped away.

" You should go see him," he said. " I got you a book while I was in the capital. Come by later, I'll get it out of my room."