They got dressed to go to the capital.

It was Ornstein's wish that he be inducted into the Order as a full-fledged knight before his passing, and this required them to visit with the Royal Offices of Service.

" Aislin's not accompanying us?" Henry asked.

One of the other knights gave him a strange look, and he wondered if he'd said something off. Aislin liked to stick his nose in Henry's business, after all.

" He's not one for capital visits," a knight said. " Stays holed up in his room."

" He's been in Ornstein's, lately," Sir Poppen added. " Awfully attached to him. But I guess that goes without saying."

" I can understand," Henry said absentmindedly. " After all, Master Ornstein was the one who taught me everything I know."

" Aye, I guess it's so."