He finally settled down to look at the book that Aislin bought for him.

There were a lot of things in it that, despite all his study, he couldn't understand.

Full study of the changes made to Yggdrasil's aetheric font access is currently impossible due to the Almiran Church's restrictions on visitation to the Chrysaliod Chamber. However, with proper recording of aetheric level fluctuation, any comparison to pre-Unification records will show that the density of Aetheric light in relation to Lyneal light has dramatically shifted; lightspeed and particle buoyancy is now nearly identical between the two.

This change in the marked-real composition of magelight has also resulted in stunning physiological changes to the human body. Lyneal magic has historically been recorded as capable of sustaining brainwave patterns after function has been disrupted (et al. Law, "Study of Healing in Major Concussive Traumas", 587 ACE), but due to its merging into the Aether's density levels this was no longer thought possible. After conducting my own research into brain matter composition both pre- and post- Unification, it seems that the opposite is true; the ability to use magic in order to sustain long-term, if not necessarily complex, brain activity appears to have strengthened-

" -You're reading, Sir Merrow?"

He nearly jumped out of his seat, taken offguard by the closeness of the page speaking.

" Yes- yes. Is something the matter?" he asked quickly, slamming his book shut.

" The celebratory dinner is starting soon," the page said. " I was sent to fetch you."

" ...I thought we had put the dinner off," Henry said, standing, to go put his book away.

" The Master General said he didn't want it put off on his account," the page replied. " He arranged that it be held this evening."