As they were walking together, one of the other knights called out to him.

" Sir Merrow! Fancy a bit of a spar?" he called.

He evidently either hadn't seen or didn't care that Aislin was beside him.

" Apologies, Sir deWalt, but at the moment, I'm engaged with another matter," Henry answered.

" Such as?" Sir deWalt asked.

Aislin stepped forward a bit, face still under shadow, and spoke.

" Sir Merrow and I have a prior engagement," he said. " We're on our way to study a certain magical treatise."

deWalt did a double take, evidently surprised.

" Apologies, Sir von Hresfeldt," he said hurriedly. " You rarely accompany others. I had assumed you were separate."

Aislin didn't respond, so Henry cut in on his behalf.

" I'll come over to the training ground some other time," he said. " Good seeing you."