The snow was melting, and Aislin was standing in front of the peach orchard, staring at it rather wistfully.

" They'll bloom in spring," he said.

" It's unusual to grow peaches in this part of the country, isn't it?" Henry asked.

" My grandfather met his wife while he was out picking peaches," Aislin said. " He planted these here after she passed away."

" That's sweet," Henry said. " Getting them to grow right must've taken a lot of hard work."

Aislin seemed distracted, but he smiled.

" Mm, you're right," he said.

" It's no good to act like he's already gone," Henry said. " We all still have... time together."

... These were uncertain words.

If Aislin was in the demon lord's way, he'd almost certainly die.

if he was...

" You're right," Aislin said. " ...I should be by him while I can."