" I had a copy made on regular paper so you could all see," Henry said, drawing a folded up paper from his pocket.

Everyone crowded around the table as he unfolded it.

This was a copy of his certificate of knighthood. He'd never been able to show it to his mother in his previous life.

She clasped her hands together, and her eyes watered.

" Oh, Henry..."

" I guess all that studyin' paid off, huh?" Ian said, roughly patting his back. " Good thing I didn't sock ya too hard."

" Ian...!" Lotte protested. Right. That time he'd hit him... that had been for Lotte's sake. " Don't mind him so much, Henry, he's just trying to get a rise out of you!"

" It's fine, it's fine," Henry said, waving them off.

... His friends seemed so different, somehow. He wasn't sure if it was just because of his age. Time had moved on so differently.

Yet some things were still the same.