It must've been the brother. Aislin's brother. Nichel, Ornstein called him.

Aislin was in hiding from him, wasn't he? He'd somehow found out, and he had marched through, to find him, but he hadn't, so he'd destroyed the Order's abbey...

All while Henry was peaceful at home, enjoying his mother's cooking and the company of old friends.

He felt like he'd abandoned him, somehow, that he'd already broken his thin promise to Ornstein.

He hadn't ever intended to follow through on it. Because he had thought that Aislin was the demon lord who had taken everything from him.

And because of that, Aislin had had everything taken from him.

" You're in shock, so sit down and rest," Henry said to him, shoving his canteen into his hands.

" Let me help you," Aislin said weakly.

" No," Henry responded, harsh. " You're in shock. So no."

" Henry-"

" You can help by watching the horse," Henry snapped at him.

He looked hurt.

Henry took up his shovel, and spent the rest of the afternoon, well into the evening, digging graves.