When he came back to the room, Aislin was up, drinking something. He was in the chair, huddled under a blanket.

" I bought you some new clothes," Henry said, setting his bags down. " They might be too big. It was hard to find black stuff, like you like to wear."

" Mm."

He put his hand to Aislin's forehead. It was still bad, but not as much as the previous day.

" Are you feeling well enough to be up and around?" he asked. " You still have a fever."

" ... There was a commotion downstairs earlier," Aislin said quietly. " I wanted to be ready to leave if we had to."

" Someone's going around pretending to be army and looking for a blonde demon man," Henry replied. " I doubt they'll be back. The innkeep apparently took you for a woman the one time she got a good look, and said as much."

He took off his coat and laid on his back, staring up at the wood boards of the ceiling.

There was a long silence.

" What are you drinking?' Henry asked.

" Tea and honey," Aislin responded.

" I don't think we can stay here much longer," Henry said. " If there are people out looking for you."

" Mm."

" Let's rest another day and see if we can get your fever to break. Then I'll try to get us somewhere."