soft reset.

She woke up in the morning and stared up at the unfamiliar ceiling and felt bitterness churning in her stomach.

... Starting new wasn't what she wanted to do.

It might've been worthwhile to the Vida of the past, but...

She'd changed, fundamentally, as a person, and she didn't want to run away from the faces of her former peers as much.

She dragged herself out of bed and stared down the cardboard boxes in front of her closet.

... She didn't really want to open them up and dig out clothes, either.

But she did.

... School clothes. School rules. She had to wear... Appropriate attire. She didn't like that phrase.

She tucked and wiggled into a pair of black jeans that had been lost for a bit. She had found them while packing up to move. She couldn't remember when she'd bought them.

She realized she had been mentally monologuing about her jeans for no reason and dug the rest of an outfit out of the box the jeans had been in.

The rest of the house was dark. Her mother was still asleep. She grabbed a granola bar and her meds, then left.

... Vida had never lived in a city before. It was large, and even at an early hour, other people milled around the streets. She got the crinkled up directions to her new school out of the side pocket of her bag and tried to decipher the smeared graphite.

After a moment she went down a set of stairs to a subway tunnel.