fill in the blank.

Honora and Phoebe had lived next to each other as children. Phoebe saw Honora as a role model. She didn't seem to realize that her friend was high, or was at the very least doing her best to pretend that she wasn't. Vida trailed behind them just a little bit and tried not to intrude in their conversation.

" Vida! I forgot to ask! Why did you move here?"

She froze up. She hadn't expected that question to come up. She had been trying not to think about it very much.

" I, I... Um... My brother... He died. In a car crash."

They both stared at her for a moment, surprised, and she immediately began to mentally curse herself for over-sharing.

Honora spoke first, though she looked away.

" Yeah. I know how that feels."

Phoebe looked uncomfortable.

" There was this guy I was pretty good friends with, who killed himself over the summer. Just... Just over somebody he was in love with. And it's hard to live with that, y'anno?"

... Suicide.

" I'm sorry for messing up your conversation," Vida said quietly. " I... I didn't mean to."

Phoebe suddenly smiled.

" It was really sad, but we've all been doing a lot better recently, and now that you're here we can like, all be friends with each other!"

Honora bit her lip, pensively, and sort of looked away from them.

" Yeah, making new friends is... That's a thing that people do."

" You sound uncomfortable," Vida said after a moment. Phoebe slightly nodded in agreement.

Honora smiled after a moment.

" I'm sorry, it's just... I really do miss Klaude."