diverging paths.

They were in the girls' locker room.

The girl was named Roxie. She played volleyball. She was so familiar, but again, it felt vaguely wrong, and again, Vida had to remind herself that River Hell wasn't real.

" Um, is there another room where I can change...?"

Roxie tipped her head. It reminded Vida of something.

" Are you shy? It's just us girls, you know!"

Vida got the sudden feeling that Roxie was supposed to be together with someone. A sort of River feeling. She suppressed it.

" I, um, yeah, I don't really like being exposed around people..."

Roxie put her hands over her eyes in an exagerrated gesture and spun around.

" I won't look, if you're that shy! Geez! It may be the first day of school, but you need to have more trust in your fellow women, Vida."

She paused in taking her dirtied shirt off.

" ... I thought it was the second? I was here yesterday... Lots of people, too. It's the eighteenth today, isn't it?"

She put Roxie's shirt on.

Roxie turned back around and showed her her phone. It said August Seventeenth on the calendar.

She felt very sick suddenly.

" Are you alright?"