upon my soul, i feel fine.

In class, Honora handed her a folded up piece of paper with a wink.

It had an address on it, somewhere actually pretty close to her place. It was probably for a party. She got the sense that she had gotten invitations to parties this way before.

And then they worked on algebra notes.

Vida ended up thinking about what Klaude had said. It bothered her. She kept thinking of the river ghost-

Sopping wet, shirtless, gasping, with a strange tinge to his skin-

And she reminded herself for the hundredth time that the river dream was not real. Just a dream (all dreams end in drowning).

And reality was not a dream; reality was 5yn + 110, which she momentarily misread as SYNTHO when it was up on the board.

The bell rang.

" You'll come, won't you, Vida? I know it's been a while... Klaude is going to go with us," Honora said as they walked out of class together. Vida smiled awkwardly at her.

" Um, y-yeah, but I just wanna warn you, I'm not going to be any fun, I can't drink because my medicine interacts really badly with alcohol..." She brushed her hair back.

" That's fine! Me and Klaude will be there with you! And it's really close to your apartment, so we can leave any time, if you're uncomfortable," Honora proffered. " I just think it'll be good for you to get out of the house, and go do something with us."

" Yeah, yeah, that sounds good!"

They came to the branching path between their classes.

" See you later, Honora."