la valse à mille temps.

" Oh, Klaude! It's been so long since I last saw you!"

It took Vida a moment to recognize the other girl, who she hadn't seen since about ninth or tenth grade... Yes, it was tenth. And she had changed a lot.

" Yeah, it's been like two years," Klaude replied. Vida wondered if it would be alright for her to take a step closer to him just because she felt sort of uncomfortable.

She tipped her head.

" Who's that girl with you? I thought you and David were still dating."

Klaude's expression- still smiling- froze and he didn't reply for a minute. Vida desperately wanted to get away because huh! What a surprise! Seeing Rose had immediately turned into a bad situation. Who would've guessed.

" V-Vida," she spoke her own name, nervous quiver. She could see Klaude sort of slump in relief.

" We're not dating, Vida is David's sister," he said. " We went to school together, dumbass, don't you remember?"

Rose knit her brow in concentration, thinking.

" ... I don't remember David having any siblings...? God, my memory must be really bad, it's probably all the drugs," she said, and laughed.


Vida thought about the first day she had met Honora, the misty look in her eyes, and the day- like a dream- that Honora cried because...

Had it been a dream?

Was this the dream?

Rose and Honora were talking. Klaude was going to get something. What? She started to walk after him, but the music was starting to give her a headache, and everything around her seemed to be happening very fast. More people arriving. More glasses poured. More sounds of recognition. More being ignored.

Rose set a hand on her shoulder.

" Hey, Vida, are you okay?" she asked. She looked really concerned.

" Ah, well, Vida was in a car crash, about a month ago, and she's still recovering, but she wanted to go out with us, so, yeah," Honora spoke before Vida could, pouring out more information than she'd like to hear. She felt like damaged goods. So. Yeah.

But it was alright. It was a fun party.