it ended when you said goodbye.

They cut his hair for the funeral.

She woke with a start in her room, a panic like one of those falling dreams.

She couldn't... remember... David.

She clutched at her chest and felt her breath growing short and fast, an overwhelming anxiety starting to flood in because she couldn't remember David, David's laughter, David's face, the rough weave of the cheap lace on the shirts he bought from flea markets or the color names on the make-up palettes he gave her, the look on his face when he when he when he when he

She curled up and started crying.

A knock on her door.

" Vida, your friends are here to get you for school," she heard her mother's voice.

" Mm, I'll be right out!" she called back. Seeing Klaude would make her feel better. Seeing Honora would make her feel better.

She hastily pulled on pants, put on a shirt, took her medicine. She needed to eat with that but she'd grab something out of the fridge when she left.

She checked the date on her phone, just to be sure.

September first.