Dreamscapes is a continuous archive of several unfinished stories I wrote from the time I was 17 to when I was 21. In hindsight, I was tackling a lot of complicated issues in a heavyhanded way, and should've held back with some elements. Nonetheless, because it was an important and emotional body of work for me, I am presenting it as lightly edited as possible. Please be aware that I was an idiot when I was trying to work through my personal issues by writing about this shit.

List of Possibly Triggering Content in Dreamscapes

  • Transphobia/transmisogyny incl. usage of deadnames & slurs.
  • Homophobia.
  • In-depth discussions of anti-Native racism.
  • Allusions to sexual assault.
  • Heavy drug & alcohol use.
  • Graphic violence incl. murder.
  • Familial abuse.
  • Physically & emotionally abusive relationships.
  • Descriptions of a car crash.
  • Descriptions of medical care and medical imagery.
  • Many of these events involve underage characters.

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