... Nova, Lyena-Nova, was one of the most harshly demanding people that William had ever met.

He just supposed that was how royalty was, and that made him grateful that the DASS had nothing to do with that sort of thing.

He wanted the biggest room, in the best position, brought with him a nearly unthinkable amount of possessions that William would classify as useless junk if it weren't for their readily apparent monetary value, demanded a key to William's personal bath so he could run unlimited hot water, listened to loud and strange sounding music at odd hours, refused to follow a schedule, and was the most arrogant thing William had ever met.

It was driving him mad.

" Ah, General Masterson, sir, you-"

He was so lost in thought, driven to distraction by Nova's latest request, that he almost bumped into someone. Lieutenant Kirie Honda had grabbed his shoulder and saved him in the nick of time. She had not, unfortunately, saved his coffee. It went flying.

" Masterson."


" I understand, from my interactions with your much more capable compatriots- or, rather, underlings- that you are a habitually clumsy man. But I do want you to know. This kita is worth more than ten of your lives."

Kirie wavered, and stood up straight, taking her hand off of his shoulder. She took most things far too seriously, William felt.

" Lyena-Nova. Sir. That was my o-"

" No, no, it's fine, Kirie," William soothed, though he himself was shaky and red in the face, embarrassed. He had been frustrated with Nova- but, honestly, he kept fumbling and fucking things up in front of him so much that he felt Nova was quite tired of him, as well.

Nova was so tall, the coffee had hit only his midriff, soaking dark purple fabric. That was something William could never get used to.

He was of average height, but Nova made him feel so small.

A funny feeling.

" I know it's still early morning, but I'd be glad to help you take it to get laundered," William offered.

" I don't need you to chaperone me," Nova replied, still as icy as ever.

" Well, it was my fault, so..."

" Frankly, Commodore General, you're likely to cause some other mishap," he clarified.

William's gaze flicked over to Kirie. She was clearly irritated.

" Y-you're probably right. Still, if there's a way I can be of service to you, please inform me," he said, and bowed to him.

A moment.

" Actually, Masterson, may I borrow your cape? I'd prefer not to be walking around with visible stains on my clothing, even if it's just to go change."

" Of course," William said, and he unfastened it, drawing it off his shoulders.

" C-commodore General!" Kirie interrupted, hands raised as though to stop him, obviously surprised. " That's going too far! It's a sign of your rank that you've worked hard to achieve-"

William smiled gamely at her, handing it off.

" Please, Kirie, I've never worked hard a day in my life," he said. " It's no trouble. Nova will return it when he's fixed his clothes."