...He couldn't help but feel like Nova had been looking at him strangely for the past couple hours.

He finally tracked him down a bit after dinner; Nova always ate alone in his room, but would take a walk around the leisure center afterwards.

" Ah, Nova. There you are. I noticed you ea-"

" Lyena-Nova," Nova corrected. " I know you're allergic to using proper titles, but that really has been bothering me."

" Nova, I was thinking you looked a little upset earlier?"

He leaned over the railing that oversaw the ship garden, a story below, smiling at him. He felt that he looked as tired as ever, though.

" You know by now that I'm not easily upset by anything here, besides you bothering me with trivialities."

Nova's eyes drifted over to the garden.

" It's a bit too peaceful. Makes me feel restless. Perhaps that's what you perceived."

William rolled over on the railing.

" Are you sure that's all?" he asked.

" What more do you want from me?"

William noted that his tail was swishing back and forth a bit. Ah. He had irritated him.

" I was thinking that you had overheard my conversation with one of the cadets about Thrace at lunch. That you were still sore at me about that."

This seemed to take him by surprise.

" Thera? Why would I be upset at you about that?"

" Well, it must've been embarrassing for you... And that girl was praising me for it so earnestly," he said. " ... I guess it's no matter if you didn't overhear all that though. I just jumped to conclusions because you tend to hang around the administrative sector's library around noon..."