He hadn't seen Nova once in the past three days that he'd been largely stuck in bed, but the second he was cleared to walk with aid, he made a beeline for his usual midday nap spot.

" Nova," he called out to him; stretched out under the false sunlight.

Nova, who had looked to be perfectly asleep, jumped practically out of his skin.

" What are you doing up walking around?" he demanded.

" Looking for you," William replied simply. Nova's ears flattened back.

" I have no business with you, though. Begone."

" Well, I've been thinking on it for a while, and I came to the conclusion that I didn't want you traipsing around angry with me," William replied diffidently, and sat next to him.

" Ah, so you've come to make me furious with you, then."

" You're so mean, Nova," he complained.

" Yes, I'm terrible," Nova said flatly.

" The absolute worst."

" You're just as bad, you know."

" Am I?"

" I'm sure Diurn's going to have me put on some sort of list because you wouldn't shut up hanging off of me and not using any formalities... I'll get disowned... My political ambitions will be in shambles," he rattled off drily.

" I'm so sorry that I, a grown man who happens to be of a different species, have caused you so much emotional turmoil," William said, smiling mildly.

" You sound very sincere about that."

" Oh, but I am," William insisted.

" Prove it then, Commodore General."

" And how should I go about doing that?"

" How do you think?"

" Well, suppose, by..."

" By leaving me alone to take my afternoon nap, perhaps?" He suggested, and turned away from him, rolling over.

" H- hey! I'm making an effort, don't be so frigid," William complained, and quite carelessly threw his arms over Nova's side; felt his muscles tense. " Nova..."

" If you want any praise from me whatsoever, you're going to have to work much harder for it," he chided.

" Is it not enough that I had to get stitches from your brother clawing up my legs? And I got my ankle crushed..."

" You shouldn't have been showing off so much in an unhinged attempt to charm me."

" Who told you I was doing that?!"

" You did."

William huffed and sank down over him.

" But you do like me, don't you?"

" I don't know, Commodore General William Masterson. Do you like me?"

" I'm literally throwing myself onto you, what more do I need to do?"

" How about letting me take my nap?"

" You're so spoiled."

" I could say the same of you, and you don't even have reason to be."

" I have a right to be lazy."

" Aren't you even embarrassed to be flinging yourself all over me like a kitten with attachment issues? We are technically in public. Have some decorum."

" Like anybody even comes through here this time of day."

" When did you suddenly decide to be so affectionate towards me? Just let me sleep."