" Ah. Kirie. Could you see when Dawson's available for our next video conference?" he said upon hearing his office's door open, not moving from his desk. A truly awful amount of paperwork. He found himself grateful that the Starka did not have such regard for paperwork. When they did things, they just seemed to do them.

" O-of course, Captain," she answered, sounding much more nervous than usual. " I, brought your lunch, and I have the papers filled out for the Lyeha's room, our section's headquarters is aware of the situation and has approved it, since the Starka instigated it in the first place, it's not so much a diplomatic problem..."

He stretched and leaned back in his chair.

" I heard she's a lot younger than Nova... Kirie, could you assign one of the cadet girls from Thrace to keep her company? She should have someone her own age around, she'll probably be more comfortable like that."

" Right."

Kirie was avoiding his gaze, and looked like she wanted to say something.

" Is something wrong, Kirie?"

She covered her face.

" Commodore General, there are cameras in the garden..."

He set his pencil down.

" Oh. I forgot about those."

" You certainly were making yourself comfortable..."

" I suppose he had a point about professionality and decorum, then."

" Are you... I, um, know that Lyewa-Diurn... I... H... Just that it's. . You and. Lyena-Nova is. I. It's not like that thing you had going on in the academy, again, is it? I just..." Her voice trailed off, stuttering. It was very rare to see her so embarrassed by something. " I still think... You were hurting yourself by being like that."

William evaluated her for a moment more before he spoke.

" I just like him quite a bit, Kirie. I'm not throwing myself on anything that moves."

" Right. It's just. Been a while, since I saw you like that."

" You make it sound so much worse than it actually was!"