He had to dress well, and cover every inch of his skin. Even if he was going out somewhere with Nova, who knew, who had permission to touch. The thought of anyone else seeing them had become so overwhelming as to cause anxiety.

... The thought of Nova tracing his fingertips down the ragged, tight lines was more than he could bear.

Because it was Nova.

Nobody else ever, nobody else ever, nobody else ever...

" Oh, Nova, isn't that the one I spilled coffee on?" He said cheerfully, watching him zip up the back of his funny Starka formalwear.

" Yes. It's still worth more than twenty of your lives," Nova replied.

... His arms looked nice.

" Oh? Did my value drop? I could've sworn it was worth ten," William replied, straightening up his outfit.

" You must be remembering wrong. I could've sworn at the time I said five."

" But you know, Nova, to me, you're priceless!" William said, smiling.

" Saccharine," Nova sniped.

" Oh, am I?"

" Sometimes I can't even tell how much of you is real."

" All of me, of course!"

He was taken off-guard by Nova kissing him.

" You're a terrible liar," he said, lips still close.

" Oh, Nova, I've never lied in my life."

" You've lied at least five times in the past two minutes."

" That's too many numbers, I'm bad at math."

" I've seen you doing accounting work, Wille."

" Oh no, you've cornered me. What choice do I have but to submit to your will...?"

" What choice, indeed."

He expected Nova to brusquely reject his blatant flirting, as he often did, especially since they had just finished dressing to go to a fancy restaurant. Instead he felt strong hands on his waist, lifting him up, and Nova pressing him to the mirror with his full body; the fact that his feet weren't touching the floor, that he was being supported by Nova, who had kissed him passionately...

Nova had a strange taste; vaguely floral, almost, but thick, and William felt he might choke on his tongue.

Which was, admittedly, one of the best feelings in the world.

He hadn't expected Nova to kiss him like that. It felt a bit more forceful then usual. Which was nice. He liked it. He threw his arms around his neck and went as deeply into it as he could.

" Fuck, Nova..." He breathed as the kiss broke, and as soon as he had, Nova kissed him again. His hand trailing down to grasp his hip, pushing against him...

Oh, he wanted to do so many things with Nova, fuck going to the restaurant-

Someone knocking on the door.

" Dammit, fuck, dammit..."

Nova let him down, looking very sorely disappointed; he was cute, flushed...

William tucked his shirt back in, ran a hand through his hair, went to answer the door.

" William! Look! I got the baby!" Kirie said, holding up a fluffy orange cat that looked less than pleased.

" Stick Of Butter Baby," he said, and took it from her, turning around. " Nova, look, it's the cat! It's finally here! Meow!"

" What in the goddamn hell is that thing!" He exclaimed, practically catapulting himself across the room. " What in the fresh hell, Wille?"

William cradled the cat in his arms, trying to keep himself from laughing.

" A cat, Nova, it's the cat," he said. " Humans have kept them as companion animals for tens of thousands of years, you know? They're good luck to have on ships."

The cat let out a plaintive meow.

" Ohhhh my God, it's like. What in the hell. William! It's like a little... Thing. It looks too Starka. What the fuck."

" You wanna hold it?" William asked mildly.

" No! Absolutely not! I'm going to go finish getting ready in my room and get away from your little monster animal, you terrific wreck of a man," Nova said, edging around the room.

" Oh right, we need to introduce Lesa to the cat as well, don't we..." William mused to himself as Nova made his escape.

Kirie coughed politely.

" ...Right."