" ... Lyena's not arrived yet?" Lesa asked faintly.

" ... There've been some communication issues. The last I heard was that his flight was delayed... What of Sturm possessed him to take a civilian flight, at any rate?"

Lesa watched him gather her few bags.

" I hope they arrive soon..." she said, picking at the hem of her shirt. " It's scary to be here alone, somehow."

Kaama looked back at her.

" ... They?"

She felt flustered.

" Lyena... got raelis for someone," she explained weakly. " He... Wille's... going to visit with us too."

" I see... That's fine."

" You don't think he's strange, do you?" she asked nervously. " I don't really think that Uncle and Mother should be let to know yet..."

" I don't think he's strange at all," Kaama replied. " ... Do you want to see Empress Irdat before you go to your room, Lyeha?"

" No... Not really, I'm tired from the flight," she professed.

" I'll show you to your room, then," he said. " You've been designated a new one in Lyena's circle."

" Right."