" ... Hey."

He was facing away from them, looking out the hospital room's window.

" Evening, Lyena."

" You've come to challenge me to take your title back, right? ... I don't mind it. I've already decided I would only follow you."

" ... Then let's think of it as, if I win, you must be in my court. And if you win, I will be in yours."

" ... That's very fair of you, Nova."

" It's for Wille's sake, at any rate. I don't mind being aligned with DASS so much."

He shifted in bed. Faced him.

" Give me this month to rest. I've more procedures to go through. It's not honorable to fight someone who's already weakened."

" Why so many, Lyena?"

" ... Because I'm Lyena, and I can do as I please."

" Will you be alright with being Lyewa?"

A moment.

" As long as I can travel with DASS. Being Lyewa might even be more convenient for such a thing," he said. " I don't like the feeling of being at home. It's old, and fearful."

Nova set a hand on his head.

" I'm sorry," he said. " ... For when you were in pain, I could not see it, and I hated you for being miserable."