They were seated at the same table as always.

" Oh, Lyewa-"

" Just Prima is fine! I like hearing my name," he said quickly. " I'd feel better about it if you all called me that."

Lina blushed deep red.

" Is that really okay?"

" Wille calls Lyena by his given name all the time, so why not?"

She got out a box from her bag, and set it on the table.

" Well, Prima, I, thought maybe you hadn't had it in a while, so I baked you a thing... A vaad cake... Since I only know how to make traditional things..."

" Ah! The head chef at the palace used to slip me these, sometimes. Thank you," he said.

Avett sat up, leaned across the table.

" I- I'll bring you something tomorrow, too!" she said hurriedly.

" Right, that's fair," Lina said, still red.

Prima smiled at them, though internally he was panicking slightly over suddenly being assailed with that level of affection.

" Ah, don't worry about it so much, just being here with you all is enough for me," he said. " I'm grateful you all care so much..."

" I'll bring you something too!" Kada said. " If it's all of us, it's fine, right?"

" Ah, but how will I pay you all back? You're really being too kind..."

" Just being around you is good enough, really!"

The cake was good.