He went to watch their practice drills, hovering back in the safe area, as he had done that one time before.

This was different, though. At the very least, he was wearing his own clothes; the expensive ones he had had commissioned while he was Lyena. They were maybe a little showier than he would've liked, but that was beside the point.

They were all quite capable. They seemed much more earnest and serious than when they'd been talking to him during mealtimes and break.

After it ended, he hung back a moment, waiting for them to pass through.

" ... Lyewa, what are you doing here?"

" Oh. Hello, Neda."

She stood in front of him.

" ... I'm sorry that I blew up on you the other day, I was just... You didn't have to come all the way out here, you know? That's a little embarrassing-"

" Pri-i-ima! Did you come to see us?"

Avett and Kada ran up, and Avett clasped her hands over his, quite earnestly, and in turn Kada held the front of his mantle, and he feared that if Lina were to see this, she would join and fully knock him over.

" Ah- hey- Sorry, Neda- Yeah, I came to see you," he said, smiling, self-conscious. " I wanted to see how well you all did. I'm really impressed! I only have swordsmanship skill, I can't handle firearms at all..."

Neda was giving him a look.

" Oh, right! Neda, did you have something you wanted to talk about...?"

" Not really. I'll be off now. I'm going to have lunch with Lt. Honda."

...She walked away.

" Is Neda alright?"

" Yeah, she's normally a lot more peppy..."

" She's fine," Prima said absently. " She's just busy right now."

" Hey! Prima! Cadet Dresden wants to join us at lunch!" Lina called out, waving. There was a human girl with her. They both jogged up, light pace.

She bowed, catching her breath, held out her hand.

" Cadet, 5th class, Lauriana Dresden," she greeted, sounding anxious.

He took her hand firmly.

" It's nice to meet you," he said in return, smiling as best he could. " I'm Lyewa-Prima."

She looked up.

" It's true you beat the Emperor?" she asked.

" Yes, of course! I won't lie and say it was easy... It was all thanks to the Commodore General supporting me," he said. He took a moment to think. " Lauriana is a pretty name, you know? Can I call you Lori?"

" Y-y-yes! That's fine!"

" Let's all head to lunch, then!"