Lunch break.

A tip of his head.

" Nova, is it just me, or has Prima been hanging out with a lot of the cadet girls lately?" he asked, cycling through the security camera feeds.

" Not any of my business what he's doing with his spare time," Nova said, laying on the floor and staring the cat down. " As far as I'm concerned, it's less girls crowding around you."

" No-o-ova, it's serious business for me," William complained. " I don't want anyone going around breaking hearts on my ship."

" I told you from day one that he was your responsibility," Nova replied.

" Fiiiine, I'll go call him up and see why he's suddenly the most eligible bachelor aboard," William huffed.

" Just saying, dear Wille, he is a prince, and, by virtue of being related to me, outrageously good looking."

" So nobody else he's related to counts, hm?"

" Not a single one."

" Vivan was sort of cute until he started talking."

" I'm going to break up w- Oh my God, Wille, get it off me, the cat climbed on my back I'm not a pillow, get her off me-"