" Well, I bought it while I was on Siluria, but it's a bit too big for me," Prima said. " I can't wear something so frilly anyway... Ah, but you have curly hair, Avett, so anything like that would look good on you."

He handed the dress to her, folded neatly, standing at the threshold to his room.

" Y-you think so? I'm really self-conscious about it... I was going to straighten it for the next casual dress social..."

" Ah, no, don't do that... It'll look really good, you should wear it down with the dress..."

" Ah! Lyewa-Prima! There you are! The Commodore General wants to see you."

He turned to see Kirie.

" Oh, alright. I'll be right there," he said. " See you later, Avett."