" Kirieeee, can you come bring me some coffee? I'm pulling a late night," William asked. He had called her from his office.

" Ah, William, it's a little... I'm busy right now...?" her voice was uncertain and a bit nervous.

" Oh. Alright. I'll ask Sivira or Prima, then," William replied, nonchalant. " Nova already went to bed. He said that the day-night cycle here was messing with him."

" Right. Sorry. I'll see you at breakfast," she said. The faint sound of another voice in the background before the line cut off.

He stared at his com for a moment, and then let his arms fall to his side, leaned back in his chair.

... When was the last time he'd been up so late, alone?

So many things had changed around him again, that he felt he was in some sort of foreign place. More foreign than colonies, outposts, planets. The people around him...

His sense of right and wrong, good and bad, was all fuzzy again. It felt like he needed someone to hold his hand and guide him, again.

... After all, Nova was a good person.

That thought alone filled him with grief.